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What Is a Scrap Yard?

Often, car dismantling shops become a quick way to find and purchase original parts that are not classified as ordinary consumables. However, in the case of used spare parts, we are talking about goods from the discounted category; difficulties may arise with their condition, return and exchange.

And although current sellers often meet halfway when working with clients, you still need to understand the following: when we undertake to repair a car with original used spare parts, we are sure that they will fit like original ones, and their resource has not yet been exhausted, but we have to take responsibility for yourself and “guess with a daisy” whether you will be lucky with your ability to work or not.

And if a headlight, bumper or chair can be “checked out” by its actual condition directly during disassembly, then the powertrain and chassis silently keep their “medical secret”.

Sellers can give customers “time to test” (determine performance after installation), and those who have their own service for replacing engines and transmission units also provide their own warranty, say, for a month. It turned out to be faulty (it happens), they replace it at their own expense. Maybe the client himself managed to boil it, you can even sue him, but in a competitive environment almost everyone tries to resolve such situations amicably.

How “alive” is the ball joint in the lever, steering rack, wheel bearing, drive joint and other mechanical components? In this regard, sellers only have to honestly warn the client – noise, vibration, and backlash are possible.

The same applies to such popular suspension units as struts. It will not be possible to determine the residual life of the shock absorber; you can only see the presence of leaks and the integrity of its components, as well as the spring, and even then it is unknown how it will “sag” under real load.

After all, even if the car doesn’t drive for a long time, the suspension still gets tired, and placing chocks under the body with the wheels hanging out, as our grandfathers did when parked for a long time, is not practiced anymore. In addition, it is customary to sell racks in pairs. Need a brake disc?

Please, complete with caliper, hub and also a pair. Yes, as usual, we are talking about “large-scale disassembly” and sale – no one will just cut it up. Firstly, with large turnover and assortment (up to hundreds of thousands of items), this is too troublesome and unprofitable, and secondly, there is nowhere to put it

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